Proactive Social Prescribing

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South Blaby & Lutterworth Primary Care Network are currently looking to support new parents as part of their Proactive Social Prescribing Project. This cohort was identified due to the vast range of services available to new parents that many may not be aware of but also to offer support as parents enter a new and sometimes challenging world of parenting.

During our patient engagement, we asked new parents whether this service would be beneficial and over 80% responded to say that they would have benefited from a call from their practice.

We have a dedicated team of Social Prescribers and Care Coordinators that can support in a variety of different ways. Each patients needs will vary and we aim to tailor our approach to support everyone.

New parents will be contacted by a member of our team approximately 12 weeks after delivery. The initial contact will be to ask how you are getting on and if there are any areas that we could offer support. It may be that no support is required at that time, but you may want a follow-up call in a few weeks’ time, we would be happy to schedule that call. We will look to signpost you to support groups or classes and as we learn from you, we will develop the service to meet the needs of the population.

You do not need to wait for us to contact you, if you believe one of our team could support you, contact your registered GP practice and ask for one of our Social Prescribers to give you a call.

We have included some useful links below to support patients in specific areas:

Breast Feeding

Breastfeeding | Feeding Your Baby | Start for Life (

Breastfeeding help and support – NHS (

General Advice

Start for Life (

Tips for new parents – NHS (

The Eatwell Guide – NHS (

Live Well – NHS (

Weaning | Start 4 Life (

Services and support for parents – NHS (

First Aid

Paediatric First Aid – CPR, Choking & More | St John Ambulance (

How to resuscitate a child – NHS (

Mental Health

Parenting and mental health – Mind

Every Mind Matters – NHS (

Vita Health Group – NHS, Corporate & Private Health Services


Benefits and financial support for families – GOV.UK (

Expecting a child – Turn2us

Cost of living support – GOV.UK (