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People taking anticoagulation medication including warfarin and or direct oral anticoagulation (DOACs) medicines such as apixaban, rivaroxaban, edoxaban or dabigatran require regular monitoring and bloods tests.

Monitoring for DOAC medicines include annual height and weight monitoring and regular blood tests which include liver function tests, kidney functions test and full blood count test. It is important for people taking anticoagulation medication to have regular monitoring in place as this helps us to check that the anticoagulation medication and dose is still suitable for you and helps to prevent unwanted side effects of these medicines such as unexplained bleeding symptoms.

People who may be discharged from hospital on a DOAC will be offered and/or switched to Edoxaban by their surgery as part of the IIF/local guidelines. You will be contacted by the surgery before any changes are made to discuss Edoxaban, dosing and side effects and for any queries to be answered.